Negative Numbers

In mathematics, negative integers could be considered as an extension of natural numbers and represent extended numbers less than 0.
This project is a 56-square-meter, elevated space with 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 bathroom, a storage room, an open kitchen, a study, and a reading room.

The overall decor design utilizes the element of light-colored wood grain to offer an atmosphere of nature and humanizes the space. The decor design brings natural light into the home, creating a luminous and comfortable living space.
An elevated private space above the open kitchen makes the most of the limited space. With a simple, straightforward design and the use of clear glass, the private space does not create a sense of visual claustrophobia. The staircase contains cabinets and a study which greatly increases the storage capacity of the shared area and adds another space for your family to relax.

The staircase and the TV wall separate the bedroom on the first floor from the living room, but the partition still maintains free access to the living room and the bedroom. Such design does not only create a spacious feeling but also offers privacy for the residents. The space leading to the second-floor bedroom uses the extra space located underneath the staircase and separated by the TV wall to provide extra storage space, which frees up more available space for other uses.