Star of the South。Chen House

Designer: Ken Kao
Purpose of Space: Residence
Location: Zhonghe District, New Taipei City
Surface Area: 30 ping (99 m2)
Primary Materials: zebrawood veneer, transparent toughened glass, textured glass, grey mirrors, spray gun painted brick walls.

Design Period: 2011.06 ~ 2011.07
Construction Period: 2011.07 ~ 2011.10

In this project, walls of dark zebrawood veneer, chosen for its soothing ambience, are paired with walls made of the ever popular fair-faced concrete. In addition, the walls are lined with textured glass to accentuate the surroundings, lending a sense of serene warmth to the crisp pureness of the white and gently melding together the color scheme of the space as a whole. Furthermore, the designer used multiple layers of recessed lighting in the ceiling to minimize the feeling of being in a crowded urban setting. Darker corners are revitalized using an interplay of lights and mirrors, while an increased height enables the space to appear wider and more open.