Design Concept

To designer Ken Kao, every client’s project starts with a holistic and careful understanding of the client’s personal needs in order to create innovative interior designs that are both practical and artistic. With this foundation, the designer contributes creativity honed from previous experience throughout every project until the last finishing touches. The devotion and dedication required for every project demonstrates that architecture and interior design is not just a matter of producing simple artistic drawings.

Over time, Ken Kao has studied various forms of artistic expression in order to grasp the true essence of architectural and interior design, discovering the limitless potential that lies beneath. When explored enthusiastically, a zest for life can be found within every art work in sight.

  1. Line Design: Using lines to create three-dimensional illusions. Parallel and wavy lines, as well as long, short, thick and thin ones, provide different visual presentations. Using geometric patterns is another option that creates multi-layering and expands beyond the usual line designs.
  2. Mix-and-match Design: Mixing together the three basic elements of color — hue, value, chroma, as well as using lighting control and natural light reflections, creates a mixture of different moods within the same space.
  3. Metallic Design: The use of titanium, stainless steel or glass and reflective objects puts a fashion spin on the interior, visually building a wider dimension within the space.

Architectural and interior design is a projection of Ken Kao’s life, interests and passion! Designing is not a static, nine to five job to Ken Kao; it is one of his most over-riding interests. Ken Kao enjoys his interests, as well as living a vibrant life. More importantly, his passion is ceaseless. To have clients acknowledge Ken Kao’s design concepts is a long journey of professionalism, creativity, communication and collaboration, because he values every client and respects every design he produces for his clients.



Do not be afraid of the hard work needed in order to launch oneself on a beautiful journey. Born into a single-parent home and responsible for the livelihood of the entire family, self-reliance is a must-have trait. I pursued every work opportunity out there, and my bitter-sweet experiences have converged like a river, directing me to where I am today.

During my tenure at a real estate agency, my supervisor helped discovered my talent at architectural drawing. Coming from an architecture major background at Shih Chien University, I know that I have a deep passion for house blueprint drawing and design. After careful consideration, I made up my mind to pursue higher learning in practical design and style cultivation in Hong Kong.

For every project I draw with my soul, convey what I believe in and realize ideas with practical action in order to fulfill each client’s wish for a perfect home. I specialize in an array of design styles; through decorative arts and home design we provide unique works of art and the ideal living and work space of your heart’s desire.

In my eyes, there is no difference between large and small projects, and I see them all as challenges. I see the completion of every project as like the birth of a newborn child.