Renai Yixian In-Style

Designer: Ken Kao
Use: Residential
Location: Guangfu S. Road, Taipei City
Unit Size: 1,067 sq. ft.
Building Materials: Distressed reclaimed wood, plywood, stainless steel, black mirror glass, grey mirror glass, black paint glass, distressed wood panel flooring.

The whole living space is designed with a tasteful clash of vintage and modern styles using large amounts of distressed reclaimed wood, solid tiles, and paint-over cement. In addition, clean-cut stainless steel and black mirror glass are used to emphasize the vintage-modern dichotomy, define the various design elements contained within the space, and create clear boundaries using layering techniques.

An expansive spatial area is created by connecting the space between the dining area and the open kitchen. The fascinating clash of vintage and modern design elements transforms the area into a simple and retro-style living space.